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Ah! So much!

Well, I'll start off by saying welcome to BeefTaco, and that your designs are quite interesting. :3

Secondly, those sprites are pretty darned good, Alexial. d;

Thirdly, I'll post some more pictures tomorrow. I did end up drawing that Steel Eeveelution I mentioned. I notice that JetStream posted one as well, added to the one we already had. Well, hey, we'll just have to put 'em in an arena and have them fight to the death. Or vote, but that sounds less amusing.
I suppose I'll post my early sketch of the Magpie, and I'll see if I can work on the scans of Cirreon and Maltone that I have.
Also, did I mention I was considering making Colchakon and Kridera a legendary duo? I think I did. I'll sketch them again or something before then, especially Colchakon, lol. I also wanted to give Kridera wings. Lastly, with Kridera, if the "Fairy" type in X/Y is confirmed, I might consider changing his type to Grass/Fairy/whatever. Just a heads up, lol. d:

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