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@Slender : oh heck yeah. Go for it! Shiny variants are always welcome! Start theorizing some good male/female variations as well, while you're at it. :p

@Nakuzami : thanks! :3 Seems a steel type Eevee is pretty popular, eh? Well listen, as long as there aren't going to be any hurt feelings, I'm going to take one of the designs (that I consider the best), put it on the main post, and let that be that. It's always worthwhile to show us your designs, but if someone's up against someone else on the "same fakemon" it'll just have to come down to the community and, ultimately me, to choose the best one. Naturally, this decision would come with no hard feelings.

And actually, you bring up an interesting point. The unconfirmed "fairy" type.

So question! I would like input from everyone. :)

Do you guys want to start designing for this "Fairy" new type? If so, are there any other types you want to add to our pokedex?

Or, do you want to keep it safe and traditional?

Sky's the limit here people, so don't hold back~
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