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Part 1

Picked up Treecko as a starter!
(Lizard Pokémon)
I named it Bram, again XD
Got a Zigzagoon for HM-slaving and Pick-up.
Caught a Wingul! And named it Bride!
Easily beat Roxanne, and kicked Aqua Grunt's Ass once more.
Caught Aron and named it Groom!
Kicked Brawly's ass with Bride,
and moved on to Slateport!
Did some Trick House, beat Wattson,
and Caught Titan the Torkoal!
Took care of the Magma Team on Mt.Chimney,
and arrived at Lavaridge!

Stone Badge - Knuckle Badge - Dynamo Badge

Grovyle lvl 31, Rash / Overgrow
Pelipper lvl 31, Bashful / Keen Eye
Lairon lvl 31, Docile / Rock Head
Torkoal lvl 30, Careful / White Smoke
Originally Posted by Hinokage
Dude, no. I'm over 1000 eggs in and I'm not giving up. We're...not giving up. We're way too deep in at this point and we deserve our shiny. This has been a message from your local Masuda Method Breeding support group.
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