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    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
    You guys just keep coming up with great designs!

    Hey BeefTaco, mind you share how you colored and shaded that wonderful bird? The simplicity of it is just really great, and the way its posture is shows how "majestic" it is :D

    You too, Slenderman! Love what you did with a grass/flying! A dandelion puff is a really creative base for such a type!

    Also, I like the Eevee Alexial. The redesign of the Ground Eevee was really needed, and the sprite work is really superb!
    Sure thing, I'll wait till my brother gets out of the computer to give you some tips in detail. Also Im working on my Greek based pokemon, it's a rock type Centaur.

    EDIT: Here are some tips

    The first thing I do before making anything is drawing a rough sketch of what I want to draw, doesnt matter if it looks bad because its just a sketch to give you an idea of the form of the pokemon.

    After that I begin to draw the pokemon on paper, I have really unsteady hands so I have to sketch multiple lines this makes my drawings often come out blurry.


    After you scan it to your computer or take a picture of it, you got to your Drawing Program(I use GIMP) and use the path tool to trace all the lines on the drawing, if the first time you trace it theres a lot of uneven or bumpy line trace it again and make sure the lines are clean. It should look something like this:

    Note: Trace the drawing on a different layer and if you have to trace it again trace it on another layers as well.

    The thickness of the lines depends on the size of the pokemon, usually the larger the pokemon the finer the line is.


    Now for the coloring. The best thing to do for coloring is to use a lot of different layers for the different color patterns, trust me layers make everything easier. The tool I use for coloring is the free select tool, just trace it along the lines of the part of the drawing you want to color and close it.

    Now for the actual colors. Theres a lot of things I would have to explain about colors so the best advice I can give you is to look at actual pokemon colors and try to see what colors they use in relation to the theme that is being portrayed.

    Note: NEVER use solid black in the drawings unless is small details, pixels are okay.

    Now with shading is really simple, if its shaped shadow just trace the same shape next to the actual part of the body which is casting the shade and paint it a little darker than the original color. For full body shading you have to use your imagination a little, imagine where the light source is coming from and guess what part of the body would not be lighted, those parts you trace just like normal colorings and subtlety paint it a little darker. At the border of the shading gently mix the color of the shade and the normal color to create an effect of transition from light to dark. Hope
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