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    Hahaha I love reading how everyone vents out on such stupid designs....

    Normal: Bibarel: Statistics have found that 3 people die each time a bidoof is caught in game
    Fighting: Conkeldurr.... . Come on! A construction worker becomes a fighting type pokemon? Really?! What about making a pokemon based on a teacher? I'd love killing one of those
    Flying: thornadus: DO NOT design pokemon based on humans EVER! I want to send pokemon to battles not my grandpa and his whip!
    Poison: Garbodor: Worst.... pokemon.... ever..... The one who came up with his idea should die (except if its Ken Sugimori.... I don't really know)
    Ground: SEismitoad evolution line.... "seismi - what? I know no pokemon with that name!"
    Rock: solrock and lunatone: these pokemon looks so bad that the pilot of the 9/11 bombing must've played pokemon and caught one of these two and went into a complete shock causing hundreds of lives! DO NOT design pokemon like these, they can kill!
    Bug: Accelgor: I though someone will be able to make another good bug pokemon to use instead of scizor and volcarona... BOY! Never was I so wrong!
    Ghost: Dusclops: I thought pokemon are supposed to look better when they evolve? R.I.P. good ol' pokemon days
    Steel: Magnezone: Magneton's design was awesome. The only reason I use magnezone is because of its strength but the design really went down to the aspalt on this one
    Fire: I'm a lover of fire types but..... magmortar deserves better stats... magmar was a cool pokemon before
    Water: gorebys and huntail... I always thought that clamperl evolves into shelldert and when I evolved mine I realized that there really something wrong with this world
    Grass: seedot family: They suck!
    Electric: pachirisu: I'm sure the designer spilled his milk while drawing pachirisu... don't worry we understand... what? You did not? I know a cheap coffin shop if you want to know.... wait let me get my knife err.... I mean my phone
    psychic: unown: they should've made a pokemon that you can only get when you get all the unowns.... their just crap right now
    ice: beartic: this guy would've been awesome if not for those things coming out from his nose! I want a design that will make me shout "Go for Narniiiiiaaaaa!!!!" everytime I use beartic
    dragon: dudrigon: LEGO and Gamefreak are separate companies right? I'm sure there's a spy in your building Gamefreak!
    Dark: shiftry evo line: If batman was a pokemon trainer shiftry would be his pokemon... and jinx would be Robins... wait. what?!