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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
K just posting this on behalf of most of the server, to say that this PG 13 rules is absolutely stupid. We cant even crack a joke without being warned. Most of us are above 13 anyway so its redundant, really.

Not only does it limit what we can talk about but it limits the essence of the BC and the server. The people who are trying to impose this upon us dont even come to the server and wolf even said that the server isnt even affiliated with PC officially anymore, its a separate entity entirely. Honestly, Syn, Nica, Sanguine and p much every "regular" thinks this also. If its because of the PC name can we just remove that.

The history of the server has always been laid back, away from the main forum where users can relax. We dont want it to become the new IRC or w/e people are trying to make it, its not fun.

Luke never minded, so why the hell do other people mind now ?
from the server staff chat, but;

[7:33:49 PM] forever skylight: okay im officially going to propose this
[7:33:51 PM] forever skylight: hm okay
[7:34:09 PM] forever skylight: what if we disassociated with pc?
[7:34:15 PM] Aurora: why
[7:34:18 PM] Dash: lol
[7:34:19 PM] Dash: what
[7:34:19 PM] forever skylight: im only suggesting this due to huge member backlash but
[7:34:22 PM] Dash: omg we can use
[7:34:25 PM] Dash: the invsion forum
[7:34:26 PM] forever skylight: technically
[7:34:27 PM] forever skylight: we could
[7:34:28 PM] Dash: for our own
[7:34:28 PM] forever skylight: yeah
[7:34:31 PM] forever skylight: that would be the one
[7:34:34 PM] forever skylight: for all ps issues
[7:34:37 PM] Aurora: invision is ****
[7:34:42 PM] forever skylight: nobody actually
[7:34:42 PM] Aurora: use mybb
[7:34:44 PM] Dash: lolol
[7:34:45 PM] forever skylight: uses the server for battling
[7:34:57 PM] forever skylight: and wolf could do the same threads there on the forum
[7:34:58 PM] Dash: lol
[7:35:07 PM] forever skylight: it would also allow us to have independance
[7:35:11 PM] forever skylight: without mass backlash
[7:35:20 PM] forever skylight: because right now people are being heavily moderated for no reason
[7:35:24 PM] forever skylight: and we could lose a lot of userbase
[7:35:50 PM] Aurora: does hstaff have anything to do with this
[7:35:53 PM] Aurora: or is it just us
[7:36:00 PM] forever skylight: hstaff

it's just a suggestion that possibly could help given that if a lot of our active userbase do leave over the heavy moderating then we're back to square one, and i personally would hate to see all the activity going to waste, since the server is primarily the community, rather than the battling.

to solve this, audy could also code the on-site battling server like he intended to, while the battling server disassociates from pc and turns into a off-site chat, while the battling server is renamed to disassociate from pc, so pc keeps its good name. i'm not sure how much the userbase would be affected, but the same thing happened for PC's Pokemon Clubs, Trading Chat, etc, and when they weren't linked on the forums they were disassociated from PC and therefore there was less heavy moderating. i mean nothing at all against pc, but i just think from all the complaints, this could possibly be considered as a way to help fix everything, while on the server everyone had their freedom to say what they want (even if it's inappropriate), as they have done for 7 or 8 years on PO, net battle, shoddy, and PS for almost a year.

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