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    Freeze city

    April walked towards an old and abandoned Plaza with a worrysome look on her face. If anything was to happen to this little girl than it was kinda her fault because the boy and his parents weren't able to find her. Once she entered the Plaza she quickly proceeded towards the old playgrounds where she saw the little girl sitting on the swings. April was relieved to see her there, even though she seemed to have lost a bit of weight and probably needed water right now. Bleaz and April approached the girl until the old grumpy man from earlier was suddenly there. What was he doing there?

    The man walked towards April and passed Bleaz without even trowing a glance at him. The man had this disturbing grin on his face as he looked at April and examined her body. April felt a little uneasy when he did that, it seems like he wasn't only old... but also a pervert. "So... The wolf has taken her human form." he said as he kept on walking while April kept on taking steps back. She saw how Bleaz nodded at her which meant it was up to her, which she expected already but she kind hoped Bleaz could protect her. "Very beautiful I must say, it turns out you're pretty young as well." The man slowed down as he seemed to be staring at her breasts. "Too bad I have to kill you and that traitor too." The man trew a glance at Bleaz which gave April even more reason to take him out right now.

    "I'm not going to be killed by a pervert like you." April said to him as she was prepared to turn into a wolf. "What were you going to do about it? Wolves are wea-" Before the man could finish his sentence, April had turned into a white wolf and bit in his leg. "You B!tch!" The man said as he took out a dagger and stabbed her in one of her paws. April let go of his leg but immediately proceeded to bite in his neck which was fatal for both humans and wolves. He had weapons which means he could kill Bleaz or the little girl just to tease her. The old grumpy man spitted out some blood when April bit in his neck. The man only made some weird gurgling sounds as he slowly fell to the ground. April bit some more to make sure he was dead. She didn't like it that she had to kill a human but it was to save some other humans.

    April took a few steps back, turned back to her human form and sat down on the ground with a cut in her right leg. April tried to catch some breath as she rubbed the blood around her mouth away. She looked at Bleaz and the girl and wondered if they were scared now that they had seen her like that. "Awesome!" The girl suddenly shouted to her suprise. She ran towards April and hugged her tight. "Thank you so much, April onee-sama!" The girl sounded very happy and thanked April for some reason. "That man was scaring me..." She said quietly. "Don't worry... it's alright now..." April said, glancing at Bleaz and wondering if he was afraid of her now.