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    Dexter Patrick Prince || Dead Forest

    Dex knelt on the ground and opened his bagpack. He recalled Camo as he started rummaging around his bag for a Super Potion. He found one and started spraying the yellow Pokemon. Dex could looked at it closely now. It is some kind of reptile, probably an Electric-type as it produces short bursts of electricity. It has floppy ears, and an elongated body. He finished spraying the Pokemon. It was not unconscious; rather, its breathing has stabilized and it is now sleeping peacefully. There are still the wounds on his body.

    Something rustled from the bushes again. Oh, not again. However, it was Jazz who came up from the bushes beside Dex. The Pokemon looked around curiously and approached the trainer. It started tugging on Dex' pants. Good thing my shouting paid off.

    "Let's go, now," Dex picked up the yellow Pokemon and started following the Wartortle. Pid climbed up again on his usual spot on Dex' shoulder. The group went into the bushes. Soon enough, they saw Rosie leaning against a tree.

    "Rosie! Are you hurt?"

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