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    Originally Posted by Herpahermaderp View Post
    You're cry and wildbattle offsets are wrong, it shouldn't be 249, it should be F9, since you have to convert the Pokemon's Pokedex ID to hex to use it in scripts. Also, it's recommended to use flags higher than 900, as most flags before that are used by other parts of the game, unless if you are using JPAN's hacked engine, then it doesn't matter. Other than that it looks good.
    NO FLAGS OVER 900!

    How many freaking times do I have to say it?!?

    I'm sorry if that comes off as rude, but you can severly cripple your game by using flags over 900 as they overlap the same storage ram used for vars and PC boxes. So unless you want bad eggs and vars that don't work properly, heed my warning. I will very soon have a tutorial published which will describe this completely.

    Also, you don't have to convert to hex when writing a script. If you don't put the "0x" before a number, the script editor will read it in decimal. So, in a script:

    setflag 0xA

    Is the same as:

    setflag 10

    (Flag 10/0xA is a temporary flag that will not stay set and therefore will not work for the uses in scripts, this is only an example)

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