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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Towards Taejin

    The Guardian Corps' radio crackled. Jericho had very little interest in the military so, while the three of them were interested in whatever the radio said, Jericho pulled out Grimaxe and a whetstone, and started polishing it. The edges were not dull, but it has lost its newly polished luster. Oh, come on baby. You'll be good as new after we finished.

    "We have to get out of here now," Aurora said as she pocketed the radio again. "Taejin is closest. Plus it's a very small village. We should be alright there, though it will take a few days. We're all sticking together. I know I'm not the oldest, but I am a soldier and I will give any orders I deem necessary," Aurora continued, looking at the small band of people brought together by accident.

    “It looks like were all runaways now,” Ezra resigned himself to the fact.

    "Well there's nothing we can do now except follow your orders huh. Considering you know the most out of all of us, I'll gladly allow you to be the leader. Though I will not mindlessly follow you, I reserve the right to have my own orders," Daniel said then he turned towards Jericho. "Consider it a nickname then."

    "Well," Jericho said, slinging his axe back. "If you start on calling me big guy again, don't be offended if I call you little squirt. Because that's what you are," Jericho said with a broad grin. He stood up, his massive form taking up the most space. "Well, if we are going, then we should be going now. I think the ghasts in here are just mere rumors, anyway." Jericho removed his gloves to crack his knuckles and was just surprised to see a brand imprinted onto his skin.

    "Well, you look at that," Jericho cooed as he showed the brand to his... mates? Comrades? Anyway, to the others. "Seems like I am really one of you now. I'm digging this brand. This power. I don’t know what this is, but hey. The mark looks cool, and that I’ll probably keep," he said, flexing his hand. Close. Open. Close. Open. "This is cool."

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