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    Dexter Patrick Prince || Dead Forest

    "I don't think it's broken, probably sprained pretty badly thoug," Rosie said, grimacing in pain. Pid came down on Dex' shoulders and looked at the female trainer. "Is that Pokemon hurt Dex? Where did you find it?" she said, gesturing towards the yellow Pokemon.

    "Attacked by a bunch of ghost-types," Dex simply answered. "Thankfully, it was not the seven Goletts." He approached his friend and checked her ankle. "It does not look like much, but it will be better if we have it checked immediately." Dex stood up, still holding the yellow Pokemon. Now, he was torn. He could not support Rosie while he is holding the Pokemon, but he could not leave it in the forest either. He decided that there is nothing to do here except...

    "Just wait for a second. I think we're near out the Dead Forest, anyway." Dex laid the Pokemon in the forest floor, and took out a Pokeball. "I have no choice." He tapped the weakened Pokemon by the ball. It was converted into the bright light and was sucked inside. The Pokeball shook once.



    Then it clicked. Dex hung the ball along with Camo's. He recalled Pid, and held Rosie by her arms. "I'll have to help you walk, okay?" He said, swinging Rosie's arms around his neck.

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