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    Bruce Gibson
    Arriving at the Academy

    Remember, Bruce. You must bond with Abra in order for it to evolve. Only then you will be able to control its immense power. Now, off you go, and good luck.

    Fyers’s words echoed inside Bruce’s head. He was sitting in his cabin, staring at the Pokéball that contained Abra, his only Pokémon. He recalled all the training sessions with him, with the Psychic Pokémon using a combination of Flash and Teleport to annoy him. Then the teenage boy looked up at the ceiling, dreaming of the time when the Abra would shine brightly and become a Kadabra. But, once again, Fyers’s words echoed inside his head.

    You must bond with Abra in order for it to evolve.

    He bit his lower lip. Looking back at how the little Pokémon was towards him, Bruce knew that he had a lot of work to do before the Pokémon could trust him, and that then and only then it would change its form. If only this Abra would listen to me... It would make things so much easier... How do those Psychics do it? They make it look as if it was plain sailing... His train of thought was interrupted by a voice coming from an intercom, saying that the ship he was in had arrived in Oak Island. He glanced at the Pokéball once more before he grabbed his belongings and got off the boat.
    As Bruce walked past the campus, he was amazed at the sight of everything. The flowers, the grass, the bright sky, it was all very beautiful. He looked at the vast blue sea, where a speedboat was making its way into the horizon, leaving a white line of foam behind. Maybe this isn’t going to be so hard… he thought as he continued to make his way to the Academy’s main building, which wasn’t very hard to find. While walking around looking at the beautiful campus, he ran into a rebellious-looking teenager who didn’t look very happy.

    “Humph! Watch where you’re going, punk!” he screamed, and then stormed off towards the boat.
    Bruce remained silent and continued to walk towards the main building, the smile on his face having gone away. After he entered, he checked in at the reception counter, where he was given a Suicune Dorm jacket he was fond of and put on immediately, and the key to a room in the Suicune Dorm. He asked where that was, and was given a map of the Academy and Oak Island and an explanation. Content, he put the map away in his bag and took all his belongings, then headed ffor the Suicune Dorm

    Alice Crenshaw
    Pokémon Center (Room 5)

    A girl entered the room Alice was in, which startled Alice a bit. She seemed friendly though, and after some thought, the red haired girl recognised her as the one who had tried to help her back at the Entei Dorm. Alice sighed in relief, and the girl explained something that had happened, about the nightmare she had. To know that made her puzzled, but she would find out later eventually.

    "Oh...W-well thanks..." she said with a smile, still feeling dizzy, "B-By the way, wh-where am I? Wh-What happened?"

    She was about to ask where Jello was, but she spotted him inside his Pokéball, right next to Chuck's one on her bedside table. She whimpered as the headache returned to annoy her again.

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