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    ∣ Zen
    PTA Halls > Pokemon Center > Cafeteria > Pokemon Center

    Chapter One: Part One
    A Wild(?) Gardevoir Appears!

    Swoosh! The ball flew fast, it's aim being the Gardevoir ahead, her back turned. "Yes, it doesn't even know...!" The trainer whispered, a grin stretching across his face. Smack! Without so much as a glance, the Gardevoir spun immediately around, backhanding the ball with the force of her spin in the blink of an eye, hard enough that the ball flew back at an even faster speed than it was thrown! The boy looked surprised, though that expression was all he'd had time to react with before the ball had bonked him dead-center on his forehead. The boy fell onto his back, holding both hands to his forehead and writhing in pain. "Owwwww!!"

    The Gardevoir began to hover past him, though paused and looked to the boy's Vaporeon. "Your owner is a complete @#*," she spoke rather harshly, before continuing down the hall.

    "You beat another student up?" Joy asked, frowning at her.

    "It was self-defense," Zen sighed, though she was gritting her teeth and clenching a fist as she did so. "I thought I'd made it perfectly clear that I was not up for capture. That was the third attempt from the same kid, and if he keeps trying his punishments will become more severe."

    "You realize that you could cause yourself trouble with the school, right?"

    "I likely have already. But even so, they know better than to try to confront me. Better than the students, anyways." Zen sat up on the counter. Joy tried to rest a hand over Zen's shoulder, but the immediate flinch reaction was a sign that it probably wasn't a good idea.

    "Look," Joy started, "I just don't want to see you kicked out of the school."

    "How can they?" Zen smiled with a somewhat dark grin. "I can teleport to and fro as I please, jumble up their minds, or keep them away with brute force. I'm not leaving until I find what I'm looking for."

    "Oh yeah... How is that going?"

    "Not even a trace today, either. But as I'd said, I'm not leaving without it."

    "So, how has your interaction been today?"

    "Awful, as usual. Did you know one student actually tried to hit on me!?"

    "Oh dear--" Joy covered her mouth with one hand, though Zen continued anyway.

    "Exactly. If it's not that, it's capture attempts. At least five per day."

    "So, what happened to the one who hit on you?"

    Zen chuckled, a gentle yet ominous giggle. "The same thing that will happen to every Human who tries something like that... Castration."

    "WH-WHAT!?" Joy was baffled and couldn't help but squeal in response.

    Zen gave her a slow, menacing glare, which immediately faded in a burst of laughter. "I'm kidding, of course!" She continued to laugh until it began to die down, though Joy was not amused. "I teach them a lesson about nerves, by applying force in the most nerve-sensitive area on their bodies."

    "You mean--"

    "Yes." Zen grinned, teeth still gritted. "Some people have to learn the hard way. It seems like those guys got the point a lot quicker than the ones who insist on capturing me."

    Joy simply frowned, not having much to say in response.

    Zen exhaled, a suddenly solemn expression forming on her face. "Thank you Joy... These talks help."

    Joy smiled, nodding quietly.

    "Do you think you could help me get some food? I'm famished."

    Joy dug into her bag and handed Zen a card. "Use this, they'll let you get whatever you like."

    Zen examined the card. "Your picture looks nice," she commented, smiling for a moment. "Should I bring back something for you? I think I'll just hang out here for a while."

    "Hmmm... If they serve those pancakes still, I could go for a stack."

    "I'll see what I can do," Zen said as she headed out the door, looking at the card still.

    Zen let the card hover up to the lunch lady, who nodded and handed her a tray. "Two, please, I'm delivering some for her and getting food of my own." Zen lifted the trays with her powers, collecting food and placing it on the corresponding tray. Once they were complete, she made her way back toward the Pokemon Center. On her way outside, however, the boy from earlier approached.

    "Hey, I'm /gonna/ catch you!"

    "You haven't learned your lesson, have you Human?" She spoke the last word with malice, and simply swung a hand, her psychic powers pushing the boy over onto the ground. "If you try to follow me, I promise to push you much harder. Likely into something that is not as soft as grass."

    "Again, he tried again!" Zen growled, walking into the Center, the two trays circling above her head. "I swear that boy has a death wish." She let the tray with pancakes rest on the counter, and she handed Joy her card back. "Thank you for the meal, by the way." Zen hovered onto the counter, resting over her knees, sitting comfortably with her tray hovering before her. "There are things here I have yet to try, so if I don't like them you can have them so thy don't go to waste."

    Joy watched the door as a boy came in, one side of his clothes and face covered in grass stains. "Is that...?" Zen nodded, eyes closed as she took a bite of the porkchop in her hands. Joy frowned, but took an immediately hostile stance. "You!" She pointed to the boy, who was bewildered for a moment until he saw the Gardevoir next to her, grinning smugly as she listened in. "This Gardevoir is mine! If you try to capture her again, I'll be reporting it to the School's office! Understand!?" The boy nodded and quickly turned and bolted.

    Zen opened one eye, glancing at the nurse. "Just so we're clear, I'm not on your--"

    "Yes, Zen, I know. But he certainly doesn't." She smiled that always-sweet smile of hers and Zen smiled back.

    Swallowing another bite, Zen smiled. "This is delicious, what is it called?"

    "You've never heard of a porkchop before?"

    "Mm-mm, now I wish I had heard of it sooner!" She grinned and took another large bite out of it.

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