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    I am galooloo and I wanna talk with you about Japanese ROM music hacking.

    Have you wondered how all the Japanese roms have the music hacked like Golden Sun and Vega.
    When you tried to open a Japanese rom is sappy, it said that it couldn't find the songtable.

    ...Um, okay!

    What we need:

    - Sappy 2006 Mod 15 (17.1 WON'T WORK). Download from here:

    - A Japanese ROM (Don't ask me where to get the ROMs from)

    Step 1:

    Extract the files in the Sappy folder to anywhere you want. After that, open up Sappy.

    A popup will appear. "Cannot find sapppy.xml. Create a new, blank version now?". Click "YES".

    Now, open up your Japanese ROM. Let's say I use FireRed Japanese. A popup will appear. "The game you loaded (gamecode BPRJ) is not known. Would you like to scan for the song table now?". Click "YES". Another popup will appear: "Found the songtable at 0xOFFSET. Saving bare bones entry to XML file for quick reloading...". Click OK. Now, you should see only "Main". That's good...

    Step 2:

    Create a backup of your ROM and open it on AdvanceMap. Click on any map you want. Then, go to "Header" tab and click on the song list. Let's say I wanna hack "Battle 5 (+2)". It's number is 155. Open up caculator and convert 115 HEX to DEC. You should get the number 341. Rememmber that number.

    Step 3:

    Open up with Sappy the original rom (not the backup). Left to "Main" you should see the number "1". Erase it, and copy 341 [the DEC number of "Battle 5 (+2)"]. Click on the "Play" button. You should hear the "Battle 5 (+2)" Theme. Now assemble the song as normal, and here you go!

    Final result:

    ***I do not own the original song, It's from Pokémon Vega, so all the credit goes to the original creator!!!

    Now, If you are lazy, here are the song tables:







    ipatix gave me a software that finds the songtables of any rom (if its extented or not)!


    Thank you, ipatix again!
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