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Originally Posted by Uzumaki Naruto Jr. View Post
Skill(s): Well, I am quite good at tiling. Jujst give me some tiles, and we can see where it goes. ;D
Proof of Work: I at the moment am developing a hack, I have come to about 55 percent done. Here is the kin if you are interested in viewing my content.!%29-Project-Pok%C3%A9mon-FireRed-2

Past Experience: I at the moment have created many personal hacks, mainly for my own enjoyment. I have quite a few skills.
Contact Information (Preferably Skype): I have a Skype, but do not use it much, so if possible, could you contact me via PMing me here.
Time Zone: CST United States
Originally Posted by galooloo View Post
Aww... No music editing needed?

I can be a Spriter...

Skill(s): Everything except ASMing
Proof of Work: I feel better to give you on PMs
Past Experience: ...Creating my own hack? :/
Contact Information (Preferably Skype): Skype, galooloo1
Time Zone: IDT
Both are accepted.

@Galooloo Not sure if music editing is wanted as of yet but I'll make make sure to ask everyone.

Youtube Channel.