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Here's what I think of it:

I kind of just don't know what to think anymore. Initially, there was too many complaints about sexual discussions, and now I see discussions about the PG-13 rule being brought back. It's kind of a really confusing case of "what do you guys even want anymore"? You guys have to realize that the only reason h-staff is even strict about this is...well of course this is PC, but a separate reason besides that is apparently because of complaints they've been getting about how sexual the chat has been, things of that nature.

It's not a surprise to any of the staff at the server that our userbase is so diverse when it comes to what kinds of topics can be discussed. We know that there are people that are comfortable with discussing it, and we know that there are those that are uncomfortable with discussing it. They both come to the server, and they both want to have fun at the server. It's of no surprise that no one can exactly be happy, because as soon as one side gets their way, the other side gets really upset about it, and makes a complaint. That goes double if it was vice-versa.

The problem that I exactly see with disassociating with PC is the fact that it would only get rid of the PG-13 rule...and then what? Have more people complain about sexual topics like they've always done? Obviously we can't kick those people out, because we're not dictators like that, and we have to respect their wishes too. So in a sense, I don't know about any of the other staff at the server feel, but personally speaking, I kind of feel that we're in a deep pit since regardless of what we do, no one is really going to be satisfied with it.

Of course, anyone is free to correct me if I'm missing something here.

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