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    Freeze city

    April watched how Bleaz walked towards her and looked at her with a look that made her think that she caused him trouble. He then placed his hand on her head and grinned widely, telling her he was glad that she was alright. Normally April would trow that hand from her head but she didn't do that this time or last time Bleaz did that. It felt good to be cared for. "I'm sorry… I had no other choice but kill him…" April said as she looked over at the man who's throat was all open. She then looked up at Bleaz and smiled, at least no one feared her after that incident. The girl let go of April so that Bleaz couldtreat her leg. He ripped off a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around April's leg. The little girl looked a little worried but smiled after awhile.

    Bleaz bent down to piggy back April to the home od the little girl. April hesitated but eventually climbed on his back. April felt a little embarrassed and blushed a little without noticing it herself. They proceeded towards the home of the little girl with April on Blaez's back. The pain in April's leg disturbed her a little but Blaez's promised her to take proper care of it later. April rested her head on Blaez's back and hoped they would go back to the tent soon.

    They girl eagerly ran towards the door of her house and knocked loudly on it. "Mommy! Daddy!" she shouted. "She does this everytime after she got lost and finally comes home." April giggled. A young woman opened the door and took her daughter in her arms to give her a warm hug. "Ohh Cecilia! You're back!" she said almost crying. A man joined the hug after a few minutes.

    The mother looked up after awhile, saw April and smiled widely. "Thank you…" She said, April only smiled back. She felt warm inside just seeing how happy they were. "Mommy! Daddy! April is a wolf!" the little girl shouted.

    There was a dead silence. April's heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened. She was afraid that this family would turn their backs to her, these humans were one of the humans she didn't want to kill. "We know." She suddenly heard the father say. April glanced up and blinked a few times. "You do…?" She asked quite suprised. "We were wondering how you were able to find Cecelia so easely everytime again." the father started the explanation. "Dimitri saw how you transformed into a wolf a while ago, he told us and… everything suddenly made sense." the mother continued. "Please keep it a secret…" April said a little timid. "We will, we wouldn't want you to get killed." The mother said as she handed April a bag of money.

    "Oh and…" The mother came closer to April who was still on Blaez's back, they didn't pay attention to him though. "Maybe you shouldn't walk around with this guy." She whispered in April's ear. She then walked back inside and waved at her. "Good night." She cheerfully said and closed the door.

    "L-Let's go home…" April said to Blaez. She was going to hide what that woman said to her. They just disliked the fact that Blaez looked homeless but April was determined to change that. "My leg hurts so I want it treated as soon as possible."