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    Nando ~ Feeze City

    Seing through the other wolf's human disguise, Nando saw that he was younger him from a noticible margin. Nando himself being 18, and the stern black wolf looking about somewhere in his 20s. Suddenely, from his hiding place Nando took a step back as he was called to by the other wolf.

    You might as well stop hiding yourself," the older wolf said, facing the direction from which the scent emanated, "I can smell you, wolf."

    It wasnt particularly suprising that the other wolf detected him. Nor was he actaully worried, but rather just caught off guard as he thought that the humans and the younger she-wolf he was with would've occupied his attention. Even so, he casually withdrew from and halfway approached the older wolf. "Hey, nice work getting rid of those humans that tried to attack you." Nando comfortably sat down on a crate that happend to be a foot away. "So how long have ya been in this city? Nothing exciting happens here...for me anyway. Havnt seen another wolf here besides you and the girl that left. Oh, my name's Nando by the way." After Nando had finished speaking he was somewhat supprised hiself with how quickly he tried to start up a conversation with a strange wolf he just met, but meeting another wolf in a dusty city wasnt a freaquent occurence and Nando just wanted another wolf to talk to. Nando was about to ask the wolf his name but stopped as his eyes rested upon the wepon the black wolf had sheathed.

    "Nice sword. Where does a wolf learn use one of those?"