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I walked with my swords and bag angirly. I walked aimlessly into the slums of the city, Why is he showing up now. I wondered, And what is he planning. I couldn't believe the amount of wolves I had met in one day. Then I began wondering about Elizabeth, whether or not she was his actual child. I walked into the nearest bar and sat at the counter.

"What can I get ya?" The bartender said.

"Just get me a beer, any kind." I answered.

"Well that's simple enough." He said, putting a cold beer from the fridge on the counter. "New to town?" He asked.

"I used to live here for a few months." I downed the entire beer, "I was an officer."

"Jeez buddy, savor it a bit." He said laughing at his own joke. He then gave me another, "What made you leave?"

"I got in a lot of trouble with the gangs here." I explained, "They killed my wife since I would not stop interfering." I had come to terms with her murder, and it wasn't a big secret or anything. Still, I downed another beer.

He put another on the counter, attended to some other customers, and then gave his attention back to me. "So are you back here for revenge?" He asked, "Looks like you are armed pretty well." He was looking over the counter at my swords and guns.

"No, I don't plan on any revenge." I said. "I was here on a job."

The man stroked his beard in thought, "Pretty noble man aren't you." He placed another two beers on the counter before I finished the one I had, "If my wife was killed I'd hunt the murderers to the ends of the earth." He laughed, "Though I doubt I'll ever be in such a situation."

"Hope not." The bartender asked my name, "Dourant."

He snapped his hand and exclaimed, "I know you! You were in the papers a few years back. One of the best I heard." He sighed, "What a shame you left, tragic too." He nodded his head, shook my hand and went to help the other people. I sat silently drinking my beer.

"Hey are you really Sir Dourant?" A male voice said behind me.

"What of it."

"Well I'm sure my boss would love to have you alive." The man behind me laughed and I could feel a gun on my back. "Come quietly and there will be no problem."

The bartender and a lot of the people starred at us and I sighed, "Can't even finish a beer today." I stood up arms raised. "I'll go quietly." I noticed that nobody in the bar attempted to help. "You aren't very smart are you." I said, leading the way outside.

"Oh yeah, you're the one with a gun to your back." He said smugly.

"You left a lot of witnesses kid." I explained, "And you didn't take either of my swords." We walked out into the street.

"Wha-" I kicked him between the legs and quickly turned around, disarming him. I then used the handle of my sword to strike him in the ribs, breaking a few for sure. Then I fully pulled it out and held it to his back, standing over him. "D-don't kill me." He begged.

"Scum like you make me sick." I growled and kicked him in the head, knocking him out. I walked back into the bar and payed for the beer, plus one to go. "Call healthcare or something, he's out cold in the front." I tipped him a large sum and left the bar.

I continued walking through city, "Maybe I can find a job here." I mumbled
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