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    Blaez Lee - Freeze City

    Blaez grinned as the girl ran into the house and hugged her parents. It gave him a warm feeling, almost as if it was possible for him to still know his family. As the girl blatantly announced April was a wolf, Blaez prepared himself to run depending on their reaction. They seemed to be close to her in a way and this couldn't be good for anyone. Instead, he was surprised they knew already. Blaez averted his eyes from everyone from here on out as they clearly accepted April was wolf and agreed to keep it a secret. He knew no one would accept him the way he was.

    As the mother of the family leaned over to speak to April, Blaez averted his attention to the weather outside. It was definitely getting cold but not bad enough for them to take better shelter. The firewood would last the night and maybe one more. He definitely could fix up April's wound but he wasn't going to leave her alone in this condition.

    "L-Let's go home… My leg hurts so I want it treated as soon as possible." April said to him. She seemed to be distant in thought. Maybe she was trying to make a decision. Anyway, it wasn't his business to mess around in so he continued on to the tent, which wasn't all too far away.

    "So this is your new home now?" Blaez said with a playful grin on his face as he set April down next to the fire, which was dying. He would have never thought he would have a person living with him like this. It was settling, but it felt strange. He had never spoken to many people his age as a child and she was the only person he could speak to on good terms. Blaez stirred up the flames, causing the fire to build back up in a minute and then took off his jacket. The fire would definitely make the cold of the word outside seem like a dream. Shortly afterwards, Blaez ran into his tent. Digging inside of his tent, all that could be heard from the outside was some ruffling. He came out momentarily to give April a tattered blue blanket and returned to the tent. Soon afterwards, he came out of the tent with some gauze and a strange green herb he was crushing in a cracked wooden bowl. Blaez sat down next to April and unwrapped her leg with an encouraging grin.

    "This might burn a little bit, but only for a second. Just try not to mess with the wound." Blaez said, applying the entire amount of the herbs in the bowl to April's wound. He knew this would work. The herb would numb and help heal her wound faster but since she was a wolf, he had no clue how fast she would recover. He held her leg down and looked her in the eyes. She got hurt protecting him and the least he could do was help her until she recovered. Slowly, Blaez began to prepped the bandage to apply it to her leg after the herb settled in the wound.