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1-As a middle eastern and Muslim i'd like to tell you something Hejab is different from a girl to another and the one you pointed to isn't the main at all..maybe lots of women wear it specially in gulf area but nothing said it's the main which is till now an opened discussion!

2-we don't shave our heads at all it's otherwise..woman's crown is her hair and the longer the hair is the better..tall,short bald it's up to the woman

3-you people are making fun of traditions...actually i feel proud of it nothing wrong with a woman wears decent clothes unlike the ones who reveal all their bodies like a cheap goods to anyone to look...Muslim woman is like a Jewel she's not exposed to anyone ...nothing wrong with staying virgin till she get married because she saves herself to the one person who wants to spend his life with her. nothing wrong with being moral...making fun of such things is weird cuz if someone should make fun of the other it seems who would now!!

Middle Eastern men are hard headed and sometimes they act by forcing but first not all men second they do because they feel jealous for their women and they don't like anyone to mess with them.

the man in the picture isn't handsome at all i saw better than that way much...and trust me,he's not the handsomest so bleh i'm disappointed

Prophet Joseph used to cover his face when he walks in a place that has women for a man who have half of the universe beauty........and i.e it was even before Islam.

that's all i won't say more ^.^
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