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Originally Posted by Broken_Arrow View Post
My bad if i misunderstood you but i speaked because Middle east have different countries what's allowed in country could be not allowed in another...Turkey is a middle east and Saudi Arabia is a middle east but look at both!!Totally different,so this is what i meant.

Afghanistan..most of them are radicals and even Islam against that....i never liked how they show Islam.

Christianity and Judaism are Heaven's religions and i believe in them too,i was speaking for my religion i didn't say anything about them..i know that they have to wear decent too but nowadays it's rare believe it or not even some Muslim girls nowadays dress so bad...i think it's not about religion it's about family raise.

well He is..can't wait to go to heaven see him and flirt with him. lol

i read it not all of it but i read enough that some attitude made me feel making fun....though,when i was talking about manners and morals it's because people nowadays consider that old fashion and ridiculous..however,without manners there is no respect at least IMO.
I understand 100% No worries! Just wanted to clarify because I know a lot of people target Muslims in slander, but in this case Anony just wanted to know more about it. It's a good thing.

And I totally understand the "old fashion" morality thing. I get that "talk" all the time. Apparently women are liberated by dressing like prostitutes? Western Society IMO is screwed up lol but Afghanistan is the other extreme side of the coin.

Short: Extremists are bad.

The case of this "handsome man" only proves that it's bad, on quite a lesser degree than other bad scenarios They just lost a looker!
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