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Update #1

- I started out with a Bulbasaur (HELIOS). I did the usual stuff at the game's start; battling my Rival (I named him Shigeru) and getting Professor Oak's parcel. I trained up my Bulbasaur to level 14 before I fought Shigeru for the second time.

- I strolled through Viridian Forest and managed to evolve HELIOS into and Ivysaur before I took on Brock. Vine Whip ensured my victory with ease.

- I got my Running Shoes and made my way to Mount Moon. Admittedly, Mount Moon took a while to get through, especially considering the fact that I couldn't buy any items so I had to keep running back to use the Pokemon Center situated at the cave's entrance. HELIOS was level 24 by the time I got out.

- I took on Misty's Gym and Razor Leaf made it another easy outing.

- I knew I had to train up a lot before I fought Lieutenant Surge so I did some intense level grinding against the trainers between the Nugget Bridge battles, the route to Bill's House and the paths just before and next to Vermillion City.

- I might have leveled up too much though. I'm about to board the S.S. Anne and I have a freshly evolved Venusaur.

- In other news, I got the VS Seeker and went back to Cerulean City to cash in the Bike Voucher I got from the President of the Pokemon fan club. Also, it looks like it's gonna be me and HELIOS alone for a while. I planned out this killer team, but I'm not gonna be able to get another member until I reach Fuchsia City.

Badges: 2/8

My current team:

Level: 32
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Overgrow
Razor Leaf
Leech Seed
Sleep Powder

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