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Originally Posted by LaDestitute View Post
The natural grass seems kind of sparse. Try adding more variation in, or recoloring the default grass tuft that the base FR rom uses. The type of tree that's to the right of the Pokecenter, I don't like how their all grouped into one large pile. It just doesn't seem natural at all. I agree with Shadowraze on the water. I'm not sure how the player is able to access those caves, unless you scripted in something custom. The much smaller body of water also looks a bit too bright. I see a bunch of tiling errors up on the mountain. Even if this is PNG, it still looks a bit blurry.

The map looks decent but it could use a lot more work.

Map name: Charge Town
Game: FireRed
Hack name: Pokemon MysticAurelian Version

Player's hometown. I like an opinion on the palettes I'm using.

Map name: Route 1
Game: FireRed
Hack name: Pokemon MysticAurelian Version

First route in the rom hack's region. Next town is to the north, a wild-life reserve is to the south (think of it like the Great Marsh or Safari, minus the entry gate/entry fees, so it's more like the ranch in B/W), and Charge Town to the east. I like an opinion on the palettes I'm using.

The first map, the initial design is good, however, I think you can add a bit more flowers and other garnishes here and there. The second map is great, I like the design. It's very Nintendo-style, so I like it.

My opinions on the palettes, not so great. I think you could improve them a bit, the shade on the tree is a little bit too dark and stands out a lot (maybe change the colour of the shade, and soften it a little bit?). The grass tile has black pixels (forgot to edit the tile while changing palettes?) so I think you can improve that. As for the cliff edges/water edges, the colour of those don't really match the grass colour. What I suggest is, you could probably just make it darker or change the tiles a bit, and hopefully that would make it blend in more. Right now, it kind of looks unnatural. The trees have a good colour, except for the shades (as I've said above).

So my rating on the first map is: 6/10
And my rating on the second map is 7.5/10.

Good luck.