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Freeze city

"So this is your new home now?" Blaez said as he putted April on the ground next to the fire. April didn't reply on his ridiculous question and stared into the fire. She saw how Blaez stirred up the fire and wondered where he got all the firewood. Maybe he cutted trees with his Tomahawk... April kept thinking about what that woman said about Blaez. Why would she say something like that anyway? Did Blaez do something that she didn't know about? Blaez seemed to be searching something in the tent because April heard ruffling coming from inside. This gave April to opportunity to bring up memories about when she was still a cub. The warmth of the fire reminded her of the home of the couple that took care of her for a few years. April would sleep in front of the fire every night just to feel the same warmth that she felt when they took her in.

April looked up when Blaez stood in front of her with a wooden bowl. He seemed to be crushing a herb that could help April's wound to heal better. He sat down in front of her and took off the piece of cloth that had to stop the wound on her leg from bleeding. He warned April that the herb could burn for a bit and applied it on the wound. April's expression showed that it indeed burned but it eventually got better.

Blaez stared into April's eyes for some reason which made April wonder if she still had some blood on her face. Blaez looked away after awhile and started to prepare the bandage. April wondered if Blaez wanted her to stay, since he asked if this was her new home. April thought for awhile and didn't bother to look up until she had the answer. "Yes... I guess this is my new home..." She said quietly, still not looking up to prevent awkward situations. She had no idea where else she had to go since getting money seemed to get harder.

Suddenly April had an Idea. Now that the old man was dead, they could sneak inside his room in the inn and steal some of his money without anyone noticing. She wasn't going to tell Blaez about her idea though. She was going to get it herself at night because Blaez probably would want to come along to make sure of her safety. "I'm a wolf... I don't need a babysitter." April thought as she was being stubborn again.