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    Day 18 - Favourite protagonist
    Sonic the Hedgehog Gotta Go Fast
    Pitt (Kid Icarus Uprising)-

    Day 19 - What video game world would you live in?
    The Pokemon World! Johto ftw!

    Day 20 - Do you prefer Consoles, or Handheld video games?
    I'm forever a slave to my handhelds

    Day 21 - Video Game/Series with the best story
    Game: Bastion
    Series:Final Fantasy

    Day 22 - A video game which disappointed you

    Sonic 06

    Day 23 - Video game that had the most appealing graphics
    Final Fantasy IX/X-Both Games were stunning when they first came out. IX was the most amazing thing graphicly to appear on the Ps1 and Final Fantasy X set the bar way high for the Ps2.

    Day 24 - Your first video game
    The first game I ever played was Super Mario World, The First Video Game I owned was Super Mario Bros: Deluxe for the GBC

    Day 25 - A Video Game that had the best mechanics
    Far Cry 3/Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    I think the game may have a few rough edges, but even so, the mechanics only increase the immersion of what's already a very immersive game.
    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
    It just fits like a glove

    Day 26 - A video game that had the best voice acting
    Kid Icarus Uprising Some of the funniest, genuine dialogue I've ever heard in gaming.
    Bastion This is fundamental to what makes this game so special. Every line in this game is pretty much spot on.

    Day 27 - Your favourite Boss Battle(s)
    Perfect Chaos- The Music, the Game Feel, the atmosphere surrounding the battle are just awesome. It hasn't aged very well, but the Generations version of the battle is almost just as good!
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