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    [email protected] I like the design, I agree with Alexial it has a real feminine look.

    [email protected] Those are some nice words Alexial, I feel the same way about this project.

    Anyway here is my second design if anyone wants to pick it up, its not really all that creative is more of a design you wonder why game freak hasn't done yet

    The Nemean Lion

    Yes! a lion, why hasn't Gamefreak created a lion pokemon yet? its one of the most iconic animals in the world.

    The Nemean Lion is part of the story of Heracles in Greek Mythology, it was said to have a golden mane and was impervious to all attack so Heracles had to strangle it. When I heard the word golden mane it reminded me of fire so this will be a Fire Lion. The design is really simple, it would look like a powerful lion with a vicious look, the mane and the tail hair will be replace with flames and its colors would be an orange flame kinda like Moltres with the skin being the same color but lighter.

    I think this pokemon deserves 3 evolutions, a lion cub -> maneless lion-> actual lion. If somebody does the Nemean Lion ill do the other 2 stage evolutions. The typing for this pokemon could be either pure Fire or Fire/Ground.

    Heres a picture to get you inspired(its a big picture)

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