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    Blaez Lee - Hideout

    Blaez hadn't realized he had been looking at April for so long until, April noticed he was looking into her eyes. He tried to look away and avert his attention to bandaging her leg, wrapping it up in a tidy fashion. He hoped she didn't think he was weird or anything, but she seemed to have slipped into a reverie. Right now, Blaez had no clue what was on her mind.

    "Yes... I guess this is my new home..." he heard April say quietly, but not looking at him. He was still recovering from the previous awkward moment and this answer caught him off-guard. He wondered where April came from and he felt whatever her previous living conditions were must have been terrible for her to live in a gutter of a home like this.

    "I'm glad then." he said with a silvery tone. They avoided each other's glance and it remained silent until after Blaez finished bandaging her leg.

    "Well that does it, but I can't let you do anything else physically demanding on your own so tomorrow you'll have to take it easy." he grinned at April before yawning. He had a really strange day. Not too much work involved, but so much had been done so far that he was just having trouble keeping up with it. The day was still young and he remembered why they set out in the first place when his stomach growled and he backed away from April in surprise. He remembered April saying something about eating from a restaurant, he wasn't sure what.

    "So... are you still as hungry as I am?" he couldn't help but feel bad about not doing anything to deserve food. "So where am I taking you to eat?" he said, prepping himself mentally for another piggyback ride if necessary. It would be awkward to have to haul someone around like this but he didn't mind it. It would only last for a day or two at the most. It came to his realization that he hadn't retrieved his weapons this time out so he got his revolver and tomahawk back.

    "And this time, I'll be protecting you." he said with a half-embarrassed, half-serious look on his face.