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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Loooove that movie omg. Do you guys think Lucario was a good choice for a movie to focus on, though? I thought the movie was great and it was a nice break from the constant legendary Pokémon focus (despite the legendary golems and Mew appearing BUT WHATEVER), seeing a Pokémon like Lucario get so much focus was wonderful. I really enjoyed the whole plot ahah.
That was actually the first Pokemon movie I saw. I was flipping through the channels, then BAM! Pokemon. I thought the focus being Lucario was wonderful. Lucario is a really awesome pokemon. The plot itself was sorta bittersweet to me. I mean, he was left alone and he thought his master betrayed him, brought back into awareness by Ash (who apparently is possibly descended from a truckload of people), learns to trust agin, finds out his master was actually protecting him, then goes to join him in Pokeheaven. I was actually bawling so hard after it was over my mom thought I broke something!

And so, my obsession with Lucario was born~ :3