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I started with Oshawott, who happened to be a female on my first try. :) I didn't catch any Pokemon since I'm doing a theme challenge. My lil' Oshawott hit level 13 or so against the first gym battle. I traded in my second Pokemon, Snorlax. His natural bulk made the second gym battle very easy. Once I reached Castelia, I traded in the third Pokemon necessary for my team, Keldeo. I trained him a bit in the sewers. After beating some Plasma grunts there, I headed upstairs to the secret area where Eevee and Cottonee/Petilil flock. I intended to catch a Skitty. After sifting through many many seed bbys, I found a female Skitty with Cute Charm, just what I wanted. I'm catching the next two Pokemon for my team, but until then, it's time to beat up some gym leaders.

Quiet Dewott, level 17
Relaxed Snorlax, level 17
Rash Keldeo, level 17
Docile Skitty, level 16