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    May I reserve a spot if there is one open?


    Name: Samantha Bold

    Age: 14

    Samantha is a short girl of small complexion; she has long, straight black hair that reaches her lower back when not tied up, and pale white skin (which her mom attributes to her not spending enough time outside). Her eyes are almond-shaped with long eyelashes and grayish green irises, and she has faint freckles on her nose. She always tries to carry herself with an air of quiet dignity, so she looks very serious and reserved, which tends to discourage people from speaking to her.

    Despite the tropical climate of Coriolis Town, Samantha seems to always be carrying around a sweatshirt just in case. She tends to be really sensitive to cold, and she'll wear a sweatshirt even in Coriolis' warm summer nights. Her journeying outfit consists of a pair of Capri pants, some blouses, and of course, her favorite sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is purple color, and has a shadowy design of a Gengar on the back. On the front, it has the logo of the Saffron City Gengar, a rugby team, which just came up to first division.
    If you asked anyone who knew Samantha Bold what they thought of her, chances are they would refer to her as a shy girl first and foremost. Any stranger could go ahead and guess that she wants to be a Pokémon trainer, like virtually any other kid around, and her closer friends might mention that she has an almost unhealthy obsession of Clyde Wünderbar (a Saffron City Gengar player). But not many would be able to tell you about the things that affect her most.

    Samantha, or Sam, as she prefers to be called, is a very quiet and reserved person. She is cute, well spoken and well mannered, and she has a propensity for making adults who meet her go "awww"; unfortunately, she is cursed. Samantha suffers from very severe insomnia, and although sometimes she is able to sleep very well indeed, some other times, not even her medications can put her out. The hours of quiet unrest, the toll on her mind to try and sleep, the creaking noises in the night all scare Sam, she hates darkness and the night…
    Sam's father was a famous rugby player in his youth, and he managed to amass enough money to afford himself a nice retirement in the idyllic Coriolis Town. As a teenager, he began playing for a small, second division team in Saffron City (his hometown) called the Gengar, and later moved to the Nimbasa City Joltik, winning several Unovan Championships. However, he has passed on the love for the purple-and-black to his daughter, who he always watches rugby with.

    Throughout her life, Sam has always been provided for, and she's never had to watch out or fend for herself. She went to school, sat down and learned, was told about the world but never experienced it, and now she thinks she has obtained the experience that it take to become a Pokémon Master. Therefore, it seems easy for her to embark on a Pokémon journey, and although her father may not appreciate this, he has no choice in the matter now that Samantha is fourteen. But she's about to learn how much more dangerous it can be to dwell in the world of Pokémon rather than the world of books.
    Chosen Starter: Litwick
    Litwick (unnamed as of yet) is an overly protective Pokémon. He welcomes the responsibility of safeguarding Samantha's sleep, but he also understands that there's something about her insomnia that is not… natural.
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