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Originally Posted by gavynray123 View Post
The mewtwo looks 3-D, his head going over the line a little, and he looks to be using aura sphere? very dark, it has 170 HP, With the moves Psydrive, I think it's called, and X-Ball. X-Ball does 20 damage times the number of energy cards attached to me, and the defending Pokémon, proving to be a very useful and powerful move. the totodile, I think said like 1996, maybe 1997? it looks like he just jumped out of water, with 3-dimensional water droplets around him. #8 mew is the 8th promo released, it is a mew with the moves psybeam, and a rare, probably exclusive move, called Deevolution beam, causes the opponent to revert back, like unevolving. it has 50 HP, and #9 Mew, is just a holographic version of it.
For Mewtwo, you need to show me which of the following two it is:

Seeing as both match your description.

That Totodile is worth $0.25 by itself, just based on the description, but a picture of it would help identify it.

Each of the #8 Mew is worth $1 to $3.

Each of the #9 Mew is worth $2 to $4.

Originally Posted by Dradier234 View Post
1. Hitmonchan
2. No idea where it is..

Heres a pic, looks like it but with no star.

Says on some stores its $15.
That price only applies to the one you've specifically posted a picture of, as that's from a rare set called "Best of Game" Promos.

The one you've described appears to be this one:
Which is worth about $2 to $4.

Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
So I'm just in need of help verifying how much these cost, I put what I saw:

Deoxys 53/116 - $37

Ace Spec:
Rock Guard 108/116 - $1

Full Art Ex:
Deoxys 111/116 - $39
Thundurus 110/116 - $30
Heatran 109/116 - $15
Deoxys EX (regular): $30 to $40
Deoxys EX Full-Art: $35 to $45
Rock Guard: $2 to $4
Thundurus EX Full-Art: $25 to $35
Heatran EX Full-Art: $10 to $15 (sells for higher at times, but seems to be mostly between $10 and $15)
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