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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
Maybe they should repurpose the Civic Holiday, since it's a statutory holiday in some provinces (including BC, where it's named BC Day), but not in others like Ontario and Quebec. Or they can do that along side adding Aboriginal Day as an official holiday. I don't think too many people would complain about an extra day off.
Canada is actually one of the worst, if not the worst, for stat. holidays. I can't remembber 100% but I think that it said other countries get about 20 paid stats. while Canada has like, seven or something lol

So new holidays is definitely nice... Puts us back up there.

Looking at this list, it says:

- Spain [22 Stat. Holidays; 14 Public]
- Venezuela [24 Stat. Holidays; 12 Public]
- Sweden [25 Stat. Holidays; 11 Public]
- France [25 Stat. Holidays; 11 Public]
- Britain [28 Stat. Holidays; 8 Public]
- Greece [28 Stat. Holidays; 12 Public]
- Bolivia [25 Stat. Holidays; 12 Public]
- Poland [26 Stat. Holidays; 11 Public]
- Malta [24 Stat. Holidays; 14 Public]
- Austria [25 Stat. Holidays; 13 Public]

Noting a lot of these countries have 2x pay on Stats and not 1.5x like in Canada.

Now for Canada.

9 Stat. Holidays. Pending where you live, some apply to you, some don't; some provinces even have up to 11 Stats.

Not sure about public non-paid i.e. Valentine's Day, but 9-11 is still way below the 22 that Spain gets or the 26 that Britain gets.

Just to prove a point that Canadians are getting screwed out of holidays No wonder our stress levels are through the roof.