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    Question: What's the position on getting TMs from the Game Corner?

    I'm doing a Jurassic Jam Challenge on Leaf Green and I'm confused on this issue. I know we can only use stuff that we can find, but I think I can work this within the rules. You get the Coin Case free in the Celedon Cafe and in the Game Corner, we can find loose coins all over the floor. Would it be possible to play the slots using the coins I found to build up enough tokens to exchange for TMs at the gift shop?

    Update #2

    - I boarded the S.S. Anne and took on every Trainer with HELIOS. most notably, I beat SHIGERU and picked up Cut HM and Brick Break.

    - I caught a Meowth to use as an HM Slave and for its Pick Up ability and taught it Cut.

    - HELIOS soloed the Vermillion City Gym.

    - I wanted HM Flash for the Rock Tunnel, so I went back to Cerulean City, caught a Caterpie and Weedle (both at level 8) and trained them each two levels (also 2 evolutions respectively) so that I can get my Pokedex to 10 Pokemon caught.

    - I went back to Vermillion, made my way through Diglett Cave, and got to Route 2 to collect Flash from Professor Oak's Aide.

    - I went back to Vermillion, then subsequently to Cerulean, and headed for the Rock Tunnel. Meowth was my HM Slave and HELIOS got me through the Cave.

    - Once I emerged in Lavender Town, I went down to the bridge area to collect the TM Return and taught it to HELIOS. I then made my way to Celedon City as quickly and as discreetly as possible (I avoided the trainers en route).

    - Once more, HELIOS soloed the Celedon Gym with a Sleep Powder/ Return Combo. I then taught HELIOS the Giga Drain TM that I won.

    - I infiltrated Team Rocket's HQ at the Game Corner, Beat Giovanni with relative ease, and collected the Silph Scope.

    - I got the Tea from the old lady at Celedon Mansion, opened up the gates to Saffron City, and collected the TM for Psychic.

    - I headed back to Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, took on my Rival (presumably burying his Raticate), and rescued Mr. Fuji. Afterwards, I collected the Poke Flute.

    - I headed further south of Lavender Town after so that I could remove the Snorlax blocking my path to the Fishing Guru's house. I collected the Super Rod.

    - I returned to Vermillion City, used the Super Rod in the Harbor, and finally caught my second team member; a Staryu I named ATHENA.

    - I'm gonna train up ATHENA by battling all of the trainers I avoided between Lavender Town and Celedon City and then head to Cycling Road, then Fuchsia City.

    Badges: 4/8

    My current team:

    HELIOS (m)
    Level: 45
    Nature: Hasty
    Ability: Overgrow
    Razor Leaf
    Giga Drain
    Sleep Powder

    Level: 21
    Nature: Bashful
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Water Pulse (taught from the TM that I won from Misty)
    Psychic (taught from the TM that I collected in Saffron City)
    Rapid Spin

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