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    At least 99 percent of the deck is either Borderline Crossing or Dragons Exalted the rest if any I forgot I'm sorry but the idea is a power dragon deck with pyschic types for special condition stall if you will my deck uses 18 energies because dragon decks tend to need a lot og energies but should I reduce to 16 and add 2 more trainer cards or lower? The idea of the deck is to stall while I beef up my dragons with energies. The misdreavus lvl 19 is from that other deck that uses a lot of cards with lv in their card name. Hydreigon and the psychic and dark types are from Dragons Exalted. Kyurem(White) and the fire and water types are from borderling crossings. As for the rest (energies and trainer cards) I threw the box ' away. Next time ill keep them.
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