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So you mean post in the thread candidate with something like "This thread's been selected as a PotW candidate! If you like this, vote in -this- thread!"?

If that's what you're getting at, I feel like that's sort of unnecessary, and that there are better ways to advertise a chosen thread. I mean, we do sticky the voting thread with the redirects to said threads. Imo, that's a better method of showing which threads are up for votes, seeing as the thread itself is a voting thread. A person would more likely glance at "Poll of the Week Voting Thread!" and click on it to see which threads they can vote for opposed to glancing over a thread's actually one of the candidates and possibly not realize, unless they click on the thread and find my post.

I guess that being said, perhaps we can include a prefix such as "PotW Candidate" for chosen threads, but I'm not sure if that's redundant or not, or if it'd help at all.
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