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    Ok, this was from a month ago, but here's my last gym battle! Sorry for the delay between posts...

    April 26, 2013

    Mistralton Gym Challenge 2
    Vs Skyla

    Wow, it’s windy in this gym.

    As I was admiring the redesign in Skyla’s gym, I reminisced about my last gym battle against her. My Liepard, Boldore, and Joltik took down (literally) her Pokémon rather easily. With as much training as I’ve done, I really don’t think this time will be much different. I wonder if she’ll use any different Pokémon?

    “Ha!” yelled Skyla. “I’ve been waiting for you Steve. You’re a tough trainer who can face the wind and not get blown off your feet!”

    “Thanks, Skyla,” I responded. “I can’t wait to see what kind of high-flying new tricks you have up your sleeve!”

    “I’m excited about this battle, too!” Skyla got out her first Poké Ball. “Why don’t you and I have some fun?”

    The judge, Skyla’s father, took his place on the battlefield. “This official gym battle will now begin! Each side will use three Pokémon. The battle will be over when either side’s Pokémon are no longer able to battle. The challenger may substitute Pokémon, the gym leader may not.”

    “Swoobat, take flight!” Skyla yelled as her first Pokémon appeared.

    “Same as last time, I see,” I readied my Great Ball. “Go, Steelix, maximize!”

    “A Steelix!” cried Skyla. “I once saw a bunch of those when I was flying over Mt Silver in the Johto Region. It’s big, but we can handle it! Swoobat, use Attract!”

    Attract caused Steelix to become infatuated. Great. All three of my Pokémon are male.

    “Steelix, try using Rock Slide!” Steelix heard my command, and was able to unleash the attack.

    “Dodge it, Swoobat!” Skyla’s Pokémon nimbly flew out of the path of the falling rocks. “Now use Heart Stamp!”

    Steelix was unable to do anything. The attack hit, but Swoobat took a little damage too, thanks to the Rocky Helmet item Steelix had equipped.

    “Good use of held items,” Skyla complimented. “Swoobat, keep using Heart Stamp!”

    Heart Stamp was doing very minimal damage, thanks to the defensive powerhouse that Steelix is. Actually, I think Swoobat was taking more damage from the Rocky Helmet!

    “Come on, Steelix! We just need to land one Rock Slide!” Steelix apparently heard my call through its infatuation, because it fired the attack, causing rocks to come crashing down on Swoobat.

    “Dodge those again!” Skyla yelled. But this time, the attack hit, and Swoobat fell from the sky!

    “Swoobat is unable to battle,” Skyla’s father called. “Steelix wins!”

    “Good job, Steelix! Now return, so we can get rid of Attract.” I called back my large Pokémon as Skyla recalled hers.

    “Thank you, Swoobat,” she said. “When I think about who you might use next, Steve, it’s like I’m walking on air! And here’s who I’m using. Swanna, take flight!”

    “So Swanna is next.” I stopped to think a moment. “Grimer, maximize!”

    My Pokémon appeared with its usual shine.

    “Wow!” Skyla exclaimed. “Last time you had a different colored Joltik, and this time it’s a different colored Grimer! Ok Swanna, use Featherdance!”

    “Grimer, quick, block that with Screech!” The two status-changing attacks collided, and then Featherdance struck Grimer, severely lowering its attack. Unfortunately, Screech missed.

    “Swanna, follow that up with an aerial display or your Air Slash!” Swanna seems like it became faster since our last battle, and struck Grimer with the attack.

    “Now it’s our turn!” I yelled confidently. “Gunk Shot, let’s go!”

    The poison blast bombarded Swanna. It was shaken a bit, but both Pokémon still seemed like they had plenty of energy.

    “Swanna, use Air Slash again!” Skyla commanded.

    “Grimer, take that and then strike back with Ice Punch!” Grimer did as commanded, taking the damage as it got close enough to punch Swanna. The Ice Punch landed, but only did minimal damage. The Swanna revealed that it had a Sitrus Berry, and ate it, recovering a fair amount of health!

    “You’re not the only one who was prepared with useful held items!” Skyla pointed out. “Keep attacking, Swanna!”

    “Grimer, quick, use Gunk Shot!”

    Swanna launched repeated Air Slash attacks. Unfortunately, the attack caused Grimer to flinch not once, but twice. After the third consecutive Air Slash, Grimer finally blasted off Gunk Shot! Both Pokémon were barely holding on! One more hit for both Pokémon and it would be over for them.

    “Hang in there, Grimer! You can do this. Screech, let’s go!” This time Screech hit! But… it had no effect?!

    Skyla smiled. “Nice try, but my Swanna’s ability is Big Pecks, so there’s no way you’re lowering its defense.”

    Blast. I forgot that was one of its abilities. “All right then. Gunk Shot, one more time!”

    “Swanna, dodge and finish it with Air Slash!”

    Gunk Shot missed completely, meanwhile, Air Slash found its mark.

    “Grimer is unable to battle,” called the judge. “Swanna wins!”

    “Whoa, you beat my Grimer.” I called it back to its Great Ball. “Thank you, Grimer. You did a great job out there. Skyla’s Pokémon are just really fast, but you showed them how strong you are.”

    I built my team with defense in mind, but at the cost of speed. And that might cause me to lose this.

    “Lairon, maximize!” Out came my third Pokémon. With Swanna being a water-type, this might not end well.

    “Another strong Pokémon,” commented Skyla. “Use Featherdance!”

    “I’m getting sick of that move! Lairon, use Take Down!” Take Down hit, and thanks to Lairon’s ability of Rock Head, it didn’t take any recoil damage!

    “Perfect! Use Take Down again!” Thanks to the Quick Claw that Lairon had, it moved first, but Swanna still dodged the attack.

    “Not bad! Swanna, use Bubblebeam!” Of course the attack did massive super-effective damage, but Lairon was holding on!

    “Great job, Lairon! Use Take Down and finish this!” Once again the Quick Claw activated! But once again, Swanna dodged the attack!

    I swear, her Pokémon must have higher-than-normal evasion stats. Because this is so ridiculous it’s frustrating.

    “Nice dodge, Swanna! Now use Air Slash!”

    Like I said before, Lairon was barely holding on, so…

    “Lairon is unable to battle. Swanna wins again!”

    “Lairon, return, thank you.” I had an expression of frustration. I really figure I lost.

    “Never give up!” Yelled over Skyla. “To do so is an insult to the Pokémon who fight for you.”

    She’s right. “You’re right!” Out came my last Pokémon. “Ok, Steelix, it’s up to you!”

    “It may be cured of Attract,” the gym leader stated, “But how about we lower its attack with Featherdance!”

    “Steelix, Rock Slide, and make sure you hit!” Steelix rorared, and the stones easily found their mark. Swanna was pretty worn out after the last two battles, and this was enough to finish it!

    “Swanna is unable to battle!” The judge raised his arm.

    “Ok, maybe we can do this!” I yelled.

    “We’ll see!” Skyla yelled back. “Skarmory, take flight!”

    “Whaaaat? You have a what??” I pulled out my Pokédex.

    “Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokémon. Skarmory can fly at speeds over 180 miles per hour, despite being clad entirely in iron-hard armor. Though this armor looks heavy, it is actually thin and light.”

    “And I thought I was being clever bringing steel-type Pokémon into a flying-type gym,” I said. “But it looks like you’ve thought of that too.”

    “I’m glad you’re impressed!” Skyla said smugly. “Skarmory, use Air Slash!”

    “Steelix, counter with Rock Slide!” The two attacks hit. Despite being a critical hit, Steelix took little damage. And similarly, Skarmory took minimal damage from the rock-type attack.

    “That won’t work. Darn, I don’t have any attacks that are effective against steel-types!” I considered my options. “Ok, let’s try this. Use Crunch!”

    Steelix took another critical hit Air Slash, but then it Crunch’ed on Skarmory. I knew the attack would not be very effective, but I got the added effect I was hoping for. Crunch lowered Skarmory’s defense!

    “Good job, Steelix! Do that again!” Steelix took another Air Slash, but still Crunch’ed on Skarmory, and lowered its defense again!

    “Skarmory, no!” called Sklya. “Push it off you with Steel Wing!”

    “Don’t let it!” I commanded. “Keep using Crunch!”

    Steelix dodged the Steel Wing! And it did more damage to Skarmory with Crunch.

    Finally, Skarmory did break free from Steelix’s grip with another Steel Wing. But it took damage itself due to the Rocky Helmet Steelix still had!

    After that, it was quite the defensive battle. Back and forth with Air Slash and Crunch. Air Slash and Crunch. Finally I saw Steelix starting to wear out, so I changed up tactics.

    “Steelix, now, use Rock Slide!” The attack hit a little harder this time but Skarmory was still holding on.

    “Steelix is tiring out, Skarmory! Finish it with Air Slash!” Unfortunately, this was a critical hit, and Steelix was running out of stamina as well.

    “Do it, Steelix! Just a little more. Rock Slide, go!”

    The rocks hit, and Skarmory came crashing to the ground!

    “Skarmory is unable to battle,” called out Skyla’s father. “The winner of this gym battle is Steve, the challenger!”

    “Steelix, you rock!” My Pokémon roared in victory, and then partially collapsed. “Aw, ok, return, I’ll make sure you get a good rest at the Pokémon Center.”

    “I won’t forget this battle!” Skyla said to me as we met on the battlefield. “I’m glad I could fight against you again! Hot stuff! Here’s your official gym badge.”

    Well, I went in over-confident and then didn’t think I was going to pull up out of the nose dive, but we didn’t crash and burn! I won the Jet Badge!
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