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Normal ~ :Wigglytuff -- YOOM-TAH!!

Fighting ~ Scraggy, the coolest of all the Pokemon. If you do not think Scraggy is champion cool, you
need to reconsider your lifestyle choices because wow. Get dunked.

Rock ~ Pupitar. I like Pupitar better than Tyranitar because, I mean, just look at it. Thing's hilarious.

Ground ~ Garchomp ~ ♩ Ground type is my favorite! ♥

Fire ~ Blaziken because wow I had one in Diamond and wow

Electric ~ Luxray! Electric is my least favorite type v-v

Water ~ Pelipper or Kabutops. Agh, another type I hate x~x

Dragon ~ Latias, she's pretty and graceful and has one of the better movies.

Psychic ~ Deoxys. Deoxys has the best movie. Plus something seems so inherently sad about Deoxys...

Grass ~ Celebi. Admittedly Pokemon 4ever is horrible but I liked it as a kid. Also Celebi is really cute.


Flying ~ Vespiquen... There are a lot of awesome flying types, but Vespiquen is well-thought out and has all those customized bee moves and the like, so she's special!

Ghost ~ Giratina, because it has capital awesome moves. Also Golurk.

Bug ~ Ledyba. You cannot put Ledyba on a Poke Walker and tell me it's not the most hilarious thing to watch waddle back and forth.

Ice ~ I recently recruited a Glaceon in PMD whom I named Galaxy. So I'll say Glaceon.

Poison ~ Skuntank, not sure why.

† Excepting Scraggy, of course.
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