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I came up with a fighting-type as well, but it's based on a jackrabbit. I'll post a sketch later tonight, but I have no digital art yet. I did have a scratch sprite, but it was too poor to post here.

Aaaand speaking of scratch sprites. I've finished my second Fakemon one. It's that Grass/Flying type; below is actually at 50% but it looks better than what should be fullsize.

Look closely. It is shaded and all that. Just...really small. x;
But if you must, here's a version at 100%.
Once again, please keep in mind that it's only my 2nd completed scratch sprite of a Fakemon.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that I'm looking to find out which shiny version you guys like more. If you don't like either, I can come up with a different palette. [:
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