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    So if you beat Sigmund your battle with Sirius is skipped and if you decide not to battle Sigmund you have to battle Sirius. I've done both and neither were that hard. I just decided to leave it facing Sigmund, but idk what will result of it... Either way both get their Ring and Pendant stolen/taken, so we're not really saving them, do we get something from the specific character we chose fight for that effects the main story or is it just that we'll have to fight the guy we decided to skip later on and he'll just be tougher?

    Anyway, just finished this episode, it was pretty short xD I didn't really find the PokeMart to see the preview, so idk if there's a problem there, is it outside the town/city somewhere? I haven't checked xP lol, always leaves us off on a cliff hanger, so many questions left unanswered >.<"

    -Also, I think I should mention that I'm still having trouble with the weather... always raining, and the weather forecasts don't match the weather (or vice versa).
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