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    Originally Posted by 1158 View Post
    Sorry for this hack, it seems that this hack make you unhappy, I must apologize, and I'll try harder, then.

    Physical/Special spilt works in this hack, I believe this because I tested it before, and obviously when Haxorus uses Dragon Claw, it can hurt the foe more than before, so I believe that the Physical/Special split works in this hack, and I tested this in Resolute, too, so I think it also works in Resolute.

    Thanks for your thought, I may do more in my next hack to prevent these problems from happening. As for your puzzle about Uranium, I think I need so many words to explain, in fact, Uranium is neither your friend nor your foe, he is your rival, and he looks down upon you at first, after battled with you for several times, he graually became your friend, he never use his own Pokemon until you defeated him the first time, his words seems that he didn't care about you, but he changed, so he started to use his own Pokemon since the second battle. So it's not easy to explain about him, but if you think he's a bit confusing, then, I may make things easier to be recognized in my next project. Thanks anyway.
    Sorry for pointing out that you could only have five pokemon for the White Kyurem event. I didn't know what was coming
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