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Originally Posted by MJT1990 View Post
Didnt the guy say there would be a new battle system for FLYING types specifically? What do you guys think that would be like? Gaurdian signs or would it be a minigame? Would 2 flying types have to be on the screen and does the way you do it affact damage/ accuracy? That would be crazy.
Honestly, I take information like that with a grain of salt. If said system doesn't get revealed by the next Pokemon Smash, then I highly doubt it's something that's going to be true. Why is it necessary to have a system for flying types specifically? .___.;; I guess it'd be a neat addition, but the question in my mind is: Why? IIRC, this includes levitate users, which means that this new battle system would extend to others like Hydreigon, Gengar, Flygon, the whole nine yards. But again, is it really necessary?

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