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DLC4 news coming tomorrow. :)

@Aurora.: Oh wow, Sal was a letdown, huh... I found him to be very fun and reliable up until level 51. Maybe I've grown accustomed to just using my Siren. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of anything Maliwan. The Trance SMGs really saved my hind many times before. Hope you have better luck, since today, I found 5 legendary items while killing things with Razor Leaf. IT WAS CRAZY!

The 5 are:
Whisky Tango Foxtrot shield
The Cradle shield
Infinity pistol
Hornet pistol
The Cradle shield

My favorite would be the Infinity because of infinite ammo! It's also shock elemental so it owns just about anything!

I've also found two legendaries before while playing with Abnegation.
They are:
Deliverance shotgun
Madhous assault rifle

I love using the Deliverance since mine has fire elemental damage. In the face, skags!
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