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Day 27 - Your favourite Boss Battle(s)

The two-part boss of Death Egg Zone in Sonic 2- Silver Sonic and Dr. Robotnik's Giant Mech. It took me years to figure out how to beat it, but once I did, it was one of my proudest gaming moments up to that point.

Day 28 - The hardest boss fight(s) you've ever been in

This thing in the original Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive). It probably doesn't help that the last time I played the game I was about 7, but I nearly threw the controller across the room on multiple occassions, and never beat it.

Day 29 - Which video game character(s) would you be?

Basically any of the protagonists from the Pokemon games. I honestly don't care which one, since I'd be too excited about my new surroundings and adventures.

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