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    Alex loved it here.
    It had been just over 2 days since her arrival, and it already felt like home.
    Nobody avoided her, no hushed whispering coupled with judgemental glares behind her back, and no hurtfull words thrown in her face around every corner.
    It hadn't truly occurred to her how shallow all her "friends" had been until they turned on her the moment she proved to be different.
    But here there was none of that, most everyone were treated with respect here, regardless of their appearence. Nobody was different, because everyone was.
    And she loved it.
    Everyone had been very helpfull so far, and she'd already made several new friends while exploring her new home, Mr. Tall, golden and handsome only the first on the list.
    Among the more notable aspects of the school had been their huge garage, the basketball court in the backyard, the giant indoor swiming pool, the garage, a fully equipped gym, and finally the garage.
    The garage alone had left her completely awe struck, and she had vowed to herself to spend a significant amount of time in there during her stay at the school, and an additional mental note to ask around as to who owned the sexy Harley Davidson motorcycle over in the corner.
    But that would have to wait, her very first class was just minutes away from starting.

    It didn't take long to find the right door, largely thanks to the helpfull directions she'd recieved during her previously mentioned exploring, and she wasted no time in entering.
    She immediately counted 4 other students already present, the most eye catching one a boy with a torrent of water circling in midair above his head.
    Upon giving his remarkably handsome face a glance, she felt almost certain she'd seen him before, waltzing around the swimming pool the day before.
    The rest of the group included a shaggy young man in the back corner of the room, seemingly doing his utmost to not attract any attention, but not doing too well.
    Followed by a rather pale guy who could do with a shave, a pretty girl wearing colorful eastern styled clothing, and...
    A few surprised blinks were warranted when giving what she presumed was their new teacher a good look. It struck her as rather strange that after having seen so many people sporting such unique features, there'd be someone lacking any features at all.

    Not wanting to make a bad first impression, she turned her smile to full power and greeted the classroom with a hand held high.
    "Hi guys, sorry I'm late!"
    And after giving the black figure at the front a respectfull nod, she waltzed over and took a seat right in front of the empty desk between the two boys in the very back.
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