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    Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
    I'd love for different NPCs to be outside at different times of the some houses may be empty at certain times and full at others. To give the NPCs actual schedules akin to Harvest Moon would be kind of fun, too, I think.
    They already did something like that with Lacunosa town, who knows maybe that was just a test run?

    (Lacunosa town had everyone go inside at night and outside during the day)

    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Only one problem. Some people can't be there at certain times of day, causing them to miss out on certain events.
    That didn't stop Animal Crossing. I don't see that as enough reason not to do it. Enough reason not to make the world feel more alive.

    (besides you can always change the internal clock if you really want to see something)
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