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    Hoenn is still my favourite. I loved the tropical setting and the music was brilliant. (I don't think they've topped it since, aside from technical improvements of course) Plus the pokemon it introduced are overall my favourites.

    Second I would say is Johto, I really enjoyed the region and I've always felt it was quite a folky region compared to the others. Kind of like a "away from civilization" region. It introduced a good set of pokemon too.

    Third would be Unova, although I love many of it's towns and music....and I also like many of the new pokemon it introduced. There was something about the layout of the region that felt fake...that was fixed a little with Pokemon Black/White 2 but it's not something I can completely forgive.

    Sinnoh would be fourth, It introduced my least favourite selection of pokemon overall to date....but I can't complain about the region itself. It's a nice region but it didn't have the same wow locations as my top three did.

    Kanto is last, probably moreso because it feels like the most basic region out of them all. (makes sense since it was the first) I don't dislike it, absolutely not....but it's my least favourite.

    Looking at Kalos, as long as the layout of the routes is interesting enough....I think it could challenge Hoenn for the top spot. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far (Locations and pokemon)
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