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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    One of the checks is in the routine at 0x440F4. You will need to use ASM to find the others.

    Flag 0x1..... You need to start checking the lists from DavidJCobb. That flag is sooo temporary, I could sneeze and it would have problems staying set and JPAN's engine doesn't add any more safe flags.
    Sorry for the late reply. So what's a very ideal and easy to remember flag that is safe to use? Can I use 0x300 and up? Because I'm gonna use a straight set of 250 flags and I don't wanna overlap anything. And also sorry, I thought removing the 0x(00)1 would affect it. Heheheh... And I've been quite forgetful these days. Oh and at one point of time, I made a setflag 0x1 in one map then a checkflag 0x1 in another map but it worked so I thought it would be safe now...

    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Would it be worthwhile to release the code I made which adds a bunch of new safe flags and vars, do you think? It carries a problem in that it necessitates the use of JPAN's save block hack, which very few people can correctly insert, and that any already in progress hack will need to be restarted (from a playing perspective, not a hacking perspective).
    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    Jambo, remember, we made the patch? The one for the save-block hack? So that no one would ever have to go through those troubles again? So that part is easy, but the code you wrote would deffinaetly be worth it.
    Is this the patch you guys are talking about? Which flags and vars does it make safe to use and how many are they?