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Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
Sorry for the late reply. So what's a very ideal and easy to remember flag that is safe to use? Can I use 0x300 and up? Because I'm gonna use a straight set of 250 flags and I don't wanna overlap anything. And also sorry, I thought removing the 0x(00)1 would affect it. :P Heheheh... And I've been quite forgetful these days. Oh and at one point of time, I made a setflag 0x1 in one map then a checkflag 0x1 in another map but it worked so I thought it would be safe now...

Flags 0x200-0x2FF are safe I'm pretty sure. In that space, you have 255 flags to use which is enough for what you wanted. I think Karatekid told me that so blame him if something goes wrong ;D