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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    That patch doesn't make it safe in and of itself to use vars/flags, but it's the first step in a few of getting safe vars and flags.

    I have code made to take advantage of the newly freed up save space and make new variables and flags which are safe to use. I haven't released it and I was wondering if I should. It's not easy to use (albeit easier than JPAN's code).
    But can it be used on the engine?

    Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
    Flags 0x200-0x2FF are safe I'm pretty sure. In that space, you have 255 flags to use which is enough for what you wanted. I think Karatekid told me that so blame him if something goes wrong ;D
    Actually, no. One is used:

    Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
    Flag 0x266 appears to be directly manipulated by the game engine. If set, there is an EGG waiting for you in the Four Island Daycare Center. It is unset manually by scripts if you choose to discard the egg.
    I have to use a straight list.

    EDIT: Also another question. Does this only make the images appear or does it also apply the Physical/Special Split?

    If it doesn't, Can someone link me to a patch that apply the Physical/Special Split? The one Doesntknowhowtoplay made makes moves deal like 3HP damage just like that. I think it went overboard or is it really supposed to be like that?